Signed contract between YIDA and FON

Today signing marked the first initial phase cooperation between the two group of companies by the take over from YIDA CONSTRUCTION of 50% on FON UNIVERSITY and TC FINE LLC.

In regards to this official signing we are pleased to introduce our local Project Management Partner (PMP) Mr.Vasil Naumovski of SIMEX Skopje LLC, who will be handling most of the domestic office operations on YIDA CONSTRUCTION behalf.

Dr.Thanabalan J, the Executive Chairman of YIDA CONSTRUCTION and Mr.Fijat Canoski owner and Chairman of both FON UNIVERSITY and TC FINE LLC, would like to make an announcement on the main focus of this initial phase of cooperation by introducing YIDA CONSTRUCTION as the Financial Capital Partner on these developments:-

  1. Construction and technical exchange support of the new modern state-of-the-art University Hospital with full training facilities; which also serves as the immediate training facilities for the students in the medicine faculty.

           YIDA CONSTRUCTION will be introducing 2 overseas technical know-how support   University Medical Center exchange partner. With this endeavor YIDA   CONSTRUCTION and Mr.Fijat Canoski strongly believes not only the University students and residence of Skopje will benefit greatly but Republic of Macedonia as a country will benefit          tremendously with the advancement of the medical field in the region.

By signing of this signing both group of companies mark the internationalization of the       FON UNIVERSITY and the New Generation Program, which we believe will attract over          10,000 students from more than 40 countries worldwide.

At the same time FON UNIVERSITY is also taking this advantage to announce Free    Scholarship programs to selected and deserving students in the near future from all  across the Republic of Macedonia and around the world.

  1. Construction of COSMOS COMPLEX development with complete new advance alarm safety security systems and complete makeover with a new interior design team. **Please refer to Annex #1 for more information on the one-of-a-kind much talk about development not only in Skopje but also in the Republic of Macedonia.
  2. Consideration for other fields of cooperation in the fields of Dentistry, Cinematography and High-Tech Engineering like Advance Information Technology, Robotics Application, Artificial Intelligence and Factory Automation, in the near future.

YIDA CONSTRUCTION are proud to announce also the above-mentioned projects are all fully Private Funding which YIDA CONSTRUCTION had experienced previously with other country such as in Housing, Energy and other Infrastructure projects.

This signing also are very much in-line and in support of the YIDA CONSTRUCTION bigger overall plan to explore opportunities in the Republic of Macedonia on the below sector


YIDA CONSTRUCTION is very proud to be able to be involved in the above-mentioned projects and look forward to continue to play an important role in the Republic of Macedonia through strategic partners like Mr.Fijat Canoski.

Released by:

Dr.Thanabalan J                      

Executive Chairman                                               

YIDA CONSTRUCTION                                              

(OVERSERAS) PTE LIMITED                                    

Mr.Fijat Canoski / Owner & Chairman


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