Prof. Evangelos Kofos, PhD held a quest lecture

The professor at the University of Athens and counsellor of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was a quest at FON University and debated on the topic ,,The Greek foreign policy within the 2014 agenda” and the name differences.

One of the creators of the greek strategy regarding the name of Macedonia, Evangelos Kofos, who was for the second time in Skopje, tried to explain the essence of the dispute in the way it is perceived in Athens. According to him the point is that governments cannot enforce an identity to individuals, that is a personal matter, but we have to find a way how the Macedonians from Macedonia and those from greek Macedonia will represent themselves in the world and how will they be differentiated.

„The question of identity is very personal, it is a question that involves individuals. Everyone has its own identity. The countries should not impose recognition of one or other identity. Problem for the both countries is the name dispute. When we agree upon the name, then it will be used by everyone and in all occasions. We have to find, once and for all, a solution about the name of the country.

,,When it comes to identity, then it is about a group being seen and recognised as it is”, answered Kofos when asked whether the UN seeks for a name of the country or whether identity issues are being opened. Regarding Athens’ ,,red lines” and the Macedonian remark that they don’t lead toward a solution, Kofos said ,,everyone has its own red line”, which Greece has now reached. For a long time Greece did not want to mention the Macedonian issue, but now it freely speaks of it.

Kofos contradicted himself within half an hour, at the beginning he claimed that the conflict between Macedonia and Greece was a conflict for territory and safety and that now it is conflict of identities. ,,This issue is more difficult. If it was a territory issue it would have ended by now. I am also a Macedonian and it is up to you to determine what kind of Macedonian I am?”, said Kofos to the students of FON University.

„If you wish to be Macedonians, then why don’t you joint Macedonia”, asked a student, on what Kofos answered that it is a great idea, which will come true when Macedonia will be part of the European Union.

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