Interface Center

FON University as part of the family of esteemed universities, whose main focus are the students, was recognized by the European Commission and received the Tempus project- INTERFACE.

With the purpose of its implementation, the Interface Center was created and is successfully working within FON University. The center supports all activities of the University in the area of lifelong learning, career development and alumni cooperation.


The Interface Center aims at increasing the individual quality through an appropriate connection between the formal and informal education in cooperation with the public and private sector in the state. In this manner, the individual is becoming more competitive on the labor market and is finding its place within society. This mission is based on an institutionalized system which includes lifelong learning, career counseling and cooperation with the alumni of FON University.


The Interface Center exits in order to establish higher work standards, to improve the better personal and professional capacity of the individual, to enable the individual to achieve the necessary competencies for handling the contemporary challenges and to provide career progress in or outside Macedonia.


The complete work of the Interface Center, all undertaken activities and interactions within its frames are based on previously determined values. The basic values on which the Interface Center rests are:

  • Integrity and high level of professionalism- the responsibility, ethics and information provided on time, counseling and services are part of all interactions and undertaken actions within the Center;
  • Open, honest and constructive communication;
  • High quality, effective services provided by a team of professionals; Creativity, inventiveness and constant learning and development;
  • Team work- productive working environment with mutual cooperation and assistance in order to achieve measurable results and achievement of the set goals of the Interface Center.


Active within the frames of the Interface Center are:

Interface Career Centre

Due to the students’ need to gain the necessary qualifications that will be backed up by practical knowledge within their field of education, the Career Center is striving to develop the students into highly qualified professionals. Thanks to the FON University campaign ,,It is possible in Macedonia too”, through which many full and partial scholarships were awarded, as well as a large number of cooperation agreements with domestic and foreign companies were concluded, the Career Center has an open path to exploit the benefits in service of the students.

Part of the activities of the Career Center are:

  • Career counseling and tutorial programs
  • Trainings
  • Scholarships
  • Cooperation with companies and practical work for students
  • Summer universities
  • Fostering enthusiasm and initiative amongst students
  • Employment recommendations

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning represents a continuous process of learning for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge, information, values and skills. In the focus of this process is providing continuous personal and professional development through continuous and combined education, formal and informal. The target groups are: high school students, students, alumni, adults, employees in the private and public sector etc. The goal is creating proactive individuals who will participate and contribute to the social development. Even more because the Interface Center, through an overreaching analysis, recognized the needs of the labor market and developed a strategy, which will give the working force the necessary competences for career success on the domestic and European market. In order to implement this strategy this Center is organizing:

  • Trainings for the development of personal and professional skills;
  • The developmental programs for achieving professional goals with complete qualification or requalification;
  • Trainings according to the needs of the business sector in the country and abroad;
  • Development of the Mobile office that will contribute to the mobility of students or employees at the university and the possibility to use European lifelong learning funds.

Alumni Association of graduates at FON University

FON University as a university constantly supporting its students is also concerned and monitors the progress and achievements in the career of its graduated students. As a leader and driver of the higher education reforms, FON is proudly announcing the Alumni Association.

The Interface Center offers the possibility for direct cooperation between the current and former students, and thus:

  • enables new personal and business connections between people with similar interests
  • organizes meetings for the exchange of experiences and possibilities
  • enables career counseling and student support by the alumni
  • access to information for available job positions
  • develops protocol and individual career plan for each student
  • works on concrete projects for companies where the alumni are employed.


The Interface Center caters to the needs of the students and alumni of FON, but in the same time it is open for everyone who wishes to use its services, the people from the educational system (high school students, students, professors, trainers), as well as the people from the private and public sector (director, managers, employees). The Interface Center offers a broad spectrum of services adjusted to the specific needs of the users, provided by a team of professionals or trained students. For this purpose, the Center cooperates with the institutions from the public, private, educational and nonprofit sector. Especially interesting is the cooperation with the business sector, where the direct connection with the existing companies on the market leads to faster employment of the students, whether it is in a form of practice or their first work place. At the moment, there are 30 students from different faculties within FON and different years of study working in the Interface Center, additionally all activities are also conducted in the departments in Struga, Strumica and Gostivar. The main office of the Interface Center is located in Skopje, it is fully equipped with a library with specialized literature (guides, books, brochures). Moreover, of course in a time of total digitalization, there is the web page of the Center, where you can find all related information. Through the open office within the faculty, the web page and the media promotion the Interface Center will become well known not just to all FON students, but also to all those who can recognize it as a place for their personal and professional development.

Therefore, if you are creative, have ambitions, you want to achieve more, then you certainly should be part of the Interface Center and thus be one step closer to achieving your goals!

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