Department in Struga

Apart from the separate faculties, the University has an administrative unit in Struga.

This unit has been operating since 2003, i.e. since the establishing of the Faculty of Social Studies. From the very beginning, this unit has enabled students to attend all classes in compliance with the curriculum of the faculties within the University. Considering the fact that Struga is located in the South-West of Macedonia, the part that borders the Republic of Albania, the Department in Struga welcomes students from this neighbouring country, predominantly from Podgradec, Korca, Durres and Tirana.

The students can attend lectures in either Macedonian or Albanian language, for which the University has provided the necessary faculty and staff. Some of these professors are visiting professors, with a tendency to become full-time professors in the new academic year.

Bearing in mind the above said, the administrative unit in Struga has a strong chance of becoming a prestigious university centre in South-West of Macedonia.

Contact:: 046/785 045

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