Message from the Board

Choosing a university or faculty is one of the most important moments in every person’s life. All young people rightfully ask themselves how to obtain their planned academic degree and how to gain the knowledge, the level of education and the qualifications that would guarantee them a successful professional career.

We are confident that FON University, through its contemporary methods of teaching and interactive communication with students, in the spirit of the Bologna Declaration and the European Credit Transfer System, successfully meets the goals and objectives of a modern higher education institution. Our motto is that the students are the object of the educational process and all study programs and teaching materials have been chosen bearing the students’ needs in mind. Acknowledgements of our decisions are the students’ achievements and the high rating of FON University within the academic circles in the Republic of Macedonia and further.

If you want to be among those who have made it in life, join FON University and pave your future as a successful professional in institutions and organizations in Europe and around the world.

Your choice and the trust in the offered conditions and programs at FON University is you lifetime opportunity. Use it and prepare yourself for your future carrier and life.

Honestly yours
Fijat Canoski, M.Sc.


 Education plays an important role in providing us with knowledge. It helps us to interpret things rightly and apply it in real life. It does not mean that education is only limited to lectures in classes but education can also be obtained from experiences, journeys, adventure and lessons taught in life.

FON University being a well-known higher learning institution which had grown tremendously by leaps and bounds through the years since 2002 with growing confidence on our education systems. It had grown into 10 faculties and a total direct academic staff of 170 and another 100 indirect supporting staff. FON University is above all a community of free inquiry and the free exchange of ideas. One of the central functions of the university is to foster in its students a mature independence of mind. FON University stands out by rigorously honors such freedom to each student to present the widest range of viewpoints irrespective of agreement or disagreement on those viewpoints.

The opportunity for constructive multi perspective thinking, discussion and debate on the merits of different viewpoints is essence to the advancement of higher knowledge. FON University with new faculties and improved facilities will bring out the best and the highest potential in every student.

Everyone should know by know the key of a great nation is education and making this vision a reality will take more than hard work, BUT it is a work we can do …… together.


Dr.Thanabalan J





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