International cooperation

The activities of FON University are not only focused on the field of lectures and education, but also on following of the European and world trends, which are openness in communication, making opportunities for international student mobility, mobility of the academic staff through exchange between higher education institutions, exchange of study programs, joined participation in international projects financed from the European Union, joined symposiums, counselling and similar activities conducted with other higher education institutions in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as in Europe and beyond. FON University has concluded many Cooperation Agreements with a number of renowned universities, faculties and institutions from our country and abroad. In addition to the concluded agreements, there are ongoing negotiations about establishing new cooperation with home and foreign institutions of higher education.

List of the most significant international agreements:

List of the most significant agreements with higher education institutions in the Republic of Macedonia:

  • University ,,St. Cyril and Methodius” - Skopje
  • University ,,St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola
  • University ,,Goce Delchev” - Shtip
  • New York University - Skopje
  • International Balkan University - Skopje
  • State University of Tetovo St. Paul the Apostle – Ohrid
  • University of Information Science and Technology
  • Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • ICT Chamber of Commerce- MASIT
  • Ministry of Information Society
  • Ministry of Transport and Communication
  • Museum of Macedonia
  • All private universities are members of the Conference of private university rectors (First Private University- FON, European University- RM, University of South-East Europe in Tetovo, American College – Skopje, University of Tourism and Management in Skopje, University of New York in Skopje, International Balkan University in Skopje)

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